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Oswego IL - Old Tapes To Digital Transfers

It's time to preserve those memories...

There's just something about watching an old home video or listening to audio from a time long ago. It quite simply brings a smile to people's faces. That giddy reaction that we get when people get their tapes digitalized is what keeps us doing what we're doing. We're able to take your old tapes and convert them to digital files or to DVD/Blurays so that they can be viewed on the latest technology for years to come. Down below you can see the different formats our conversion system supports. Our pricing is simple. If you'd like to have your tapes simply converted to digital files (to be viewed on the computer or other digital devices) we can do that for $10/hr of old film. We can also put those tapes on a DVD or Bluray, with a slick menu, for the price of $8.00/disc. You can fit roughly 4 tapes on a DVD and 4-10 tapes on a Bluray depending on the size of the videos.

Our machines have the capability of converting the following old tape formats to digital:

- Hi-8
- Mini-DV
- Cassette Tapes