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Having Computer Issues?

Whether you have a Mac or PC, we specialize in computer repair and help for each of them. With nearly 9 years of experience, you can trust me when I say that Bond Tech Services has a proven track record of getting things done right!

Below you'll find a full list of different Mac and PC computer repairs and related services that we provide. If your service isn't listed, feel free to click the 'contact us' button above anyways because there is a good chance that we can still help you!

Some of our services

What Our Customers Are Saying...

"Nick is a great guy you can trust 100% with a ton of knowledge. He is super efficient, reasonably priced, easy to contact and talk to. I highly recommend him."
Yorkville Hill Landscaping
"We highly recommend Nick's services! We have hired Nick numerous amounts of times for various types of work ranging from computer and printer repairs to creating our company's website page, which we are incredibly satisfied with. Besides continually meeting our expectations, Nick has great and reliable customer service. He is prompt in returning our calls, he never fails to address our issue with kindness and efficiency. Something we see in Nick that is hard to find is that he genuinely cares about the customer needs. He has proven to us repeatedly that he is more concerned with helping us as a customer then profiting off of the services or products he is offering. We know that we will be hiring Nick in the future and will recommend anyone who need tech services."
Chad Staerkel
"Nick is awesome. My Comp crashed and he saved me from an absolute nightmare! Retrieved and restored everything, including the book I was in the process of writing, and years of photos and memories. I learned to back up my stuff more frequently because of that, but thanks Nick!"
Tonya Grayson
"People!!! If you do not know who Nick Bond is, you need him in your life! He saved mine when my computer crashed a few days before Spring Break...I thought my world was caving in on me, as I had EVERYTHING on that computer. No need to get taken advantage of by big businesses who know they can charge whatever they want because you are desperate... Call Nick Bond... Bond Tech Services...he's amazing! "